• Birthday : February 28
  • Hometown : London
  • Now living/located : North London
  • Stance : Goofy
  • Sponsors : Isle skateboards, Destructo, Emerica, Lost Art

FS-Smith, Japan : Photo • Yuki Nakamura

  • What was your first skateboard? Cheap £10 united skates. Then Blind grim reaper
  • Favorite board graphic of all time? Nick Jensen underground map
  • Skateboarders who inspire you? Geoff Rowley, Sylvain Tognelli, Luka Pinto
  • Do you have a favorite time of day? Morning, time seems to go slower
  • What Music always gets you psyched? Some good old folk
  • What item do you never leave home without? Carmex, wallet
  • Three skate trip essentials? Toothbrush, Arnicare, skateboard
  • All time favorite skate video? Lost and found


  • Favorite movie? Good will hunting
  • Last book or magazine you read? The girl who played with fire
  • What is your favorite website? browncardigan
  • Your last great purchase? Giant paddling pool for London’s heat wave
  • Do you do any activities to stay fit for skating? I really enjoy swimming
  • What is your favorite city? Lyon
  • What trick always feels good? Powerslide
  • What’s your favorite thing to eat? Home made fried chicken
  • Healthy or Junk food? Healthy
  • Besides skating, what other Interests do you enjoy? Playing guitar, cooking, table tennis
  • Balance, Strength, Endurance – which one is most important? a good mix of them all!