• Birthday : October 8th
  • Hometown : Los Angeles, CA
  • Stance : Regular
  • Sponsors : Flip Skateboards, Destructo Trucks, Nike Sb flow, Autobahn Wheels, WESC, Mainline Skateshop, Monster Energy Drink, Kogi BBQ, and MOB Grip


  • What was your first skateboard? World Industries battle 2000!
  • All time favorite board graphic? Chad Muska Shortys board
  • Skateboarders who inspire you? Chad Muska, Arto Saari, Erik Koston, Chris Cole, Andrew Raynolds, Christian Hosoi the list goes on and on!
  • Do you have a favorite time of day? Not really, but golden hour in Cali gets pretty cool
  • What Music always gets you psyched? Rock and Roll, Jim Morrison is a beast!
  • What item do you never leave home without? CellPhone hype
  • Three skate trip essentials? Chap stick,tiger balm,extra kicks
  • All time favorite skate video? Menikmati!


  • Favorite movie? Too many!
  • Last book or magazine you read? Airplane shopping magazine, interesting none sense they put out
  • What is your favorite website? All the mag sites
  • Your last great purchase? BMW X5:)
  • Do you do any activities to stay fit for skating? I hit the gym here and there
  • What is your favorite city? New York City hands down!
  • What trick always feels good? Backside Flips
  • What’s your favorite thing to eat? Fruit I could eat fruit all day!
  • Healthy or Junk food? Both
  • Besides skating, what other Interests do you enjoy? Mess around on the guitar a bit, music, Art, photography, and Girls Girls Girls!!!! Hahaha
  • Balance, Strength, Endurance – which one is most important? Balance, still trying to figure mines out…