• Birthday : Feb 13
  • Hometown : Lafayette, LA
  • Now located : Brooklyn, NY
  • Stance : Goofy
  • Sponsors : 5boro, Destructo, New Balance, WESC, Rukus Board Shop, Bronze 56K

Wallie 50-50 : Photo • Arto Saari

  • What was your first skateboard? Blank Powell deck. The wood grain
  • What’s your all time favorite board graphic? 5boro Akers Campbell’s soup
  • Skateboarders who inspire you? Charlie Thomas, Alex Nunez, Brian Anderson
  • Do you have a favorite time of day? The god hour
  • What Music always gets you psyched? The funk
  • What item do you never leave home without? Pants
  • Three skate trip essentials? Socks, Toothbrush, Music
  • All time favorite skate video? Welcome to Hell

Photo • Arto Saari

  • Favorite movie? Weird Science
  • Last book or magazine you read? Beer Thirdee
  • What’s your favorite website? Google
  • What was your last great purchase? Sweatpants
  • Do you do any activities to stay fit for skating? Breathing. It’s fundamental
  • What is your favorite city? Chicago
  • What trick always feels good? Backside grinds
  • What’s your favorite thing to eat? Currently the chicken biscuit
  • Healthy or Junk food? The junk
  • Besides skating, what other Interests do you enjoy doing? Laxin’. Preferably on a couch or hammock
  • Balance, Strength, Endurance – which one do you think is most important? Endurance